Hollywood, here we come ...


we just got word that "A Note" won the first prize at the Euskirchener Shortfilm Festival "Guck Mal Kurz". We are thrilled, especially because we had forgotten all about entering the film into that festival. What a surprise. Unfortunetly, the official website is still "under construction" - even after the festival already took place. Whatevs, right? We'll use the Euro-Dollars towards our first feature length film which we will be shooting in about four years. Don't hold your breath.

There's also a nice photo-blog about the "Sociometry Fair" in Chicago where "A Note" was screened as a "sociometrical report". Check out the photo-tour HERE.

Check out IS agent Alex Chitty twirling her locks to a screening of the US premier of "A Note".

See you soon, Cracklens


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