Ghostbusters 3 - filmed in HDfready


no shit - the rumors you've heard are true: HDfready is filming AND starring in "Ghostbusters 3". The movie will be shot in HD AND MiniDV simultaneously resulting in a revolutionary visual experience we like to call "HDfready" . Both formats will be blended together using an Apple computer which, theoretically, could be used to operate a cruise missile rocket and start a nuclear showdown. The movie is scheduled for a spring 2018 release.

Who ya gonna call? Crackbusters!

New Screening


yeah, I know, it's been a while and we've probably lost all you Blogger-heads who are used to reading an update every day. Anyway, for you remaining soldiers, check out the new date added to the "screenings" blog. It's an Open Air film festival near Darmstadt.

Greetings, Cpt. Cracker


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