Freddy nailed it.

Dear Friends,

as some of you might know we originally started working on "A Note" because Freddy needed a film to apply for film-school. Not just any old film-school but the film school in Ludwigsburg which is one of the best schools in Germany. Out of 500 people applying for a seat in the auditorium only about 30 get selected every semester. Now, Freddy just got word that he made it in. Congratulations. He's gonna burn all his clothes now and only wear black and always rock a scarf. In his own words (or maybe not): don't dream your life, live your dream but be ready to almost starve on a diet of chocolate muffins and sandwiches.

Greetings from the Hessencoast, Cracklens

We got press ...

Dear Audience,

we got some press! O.k., we've been down with the fine folks over at Lodown magazine for years because they know a good thing when they see it. Check out their magazine or visit them online at LODOWNMAGAZINE.COM

Curtains, Cracklens


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