We got a poster ... and a date.


O.K., here's the update: a first pre-view edit of the movie is in the can - or, out of the can really. The project will hit full on post-production (After Effects & visiting the Color Correctional Facility) come january. We've also set a date for the premiere. "A Note" will see the light of the movie cinema projector as part of the "Cultural Festival" in Lich, Germany - Freddy's hometown, on saturday the 15th of march 2008, 1:00 pm. I will let you know more details about the event as they get in - and yeah, there will by Champagne.

Good-Bye 2007, hello 2008. Cracklens

The Trailer is online ...


o.k., here's one more present to unwrap: the trailer is online. Just click on the "view trailer" option at the top of this page and choose between Quicktime- (recommended) and You Tube-Quality. Enough said.

Merry Christmas, Cracklens

Halfway through ...


I know this "Blog-Diary-style" is silly. Like I'm trying to break a record or something and have to keep you in the loop. If anything I'm wrestling to break up some records into tiny little sound bits for the film. That's what's breaking. The trailer still isn't up. So don't get confused by the "404" when you click on the "view trailer" option. I'll send around an e-mail once it's up and running. I've pretty much edited half of the movie now. Well, more three-quarter-ish. The final running time will be about 15 minutes. Like you care. Now you know what's up ...

Wrecklessly careful, Cracklens

We got sound ...


I just got word back from Tim Kinsella and I'm very happy to announce that we will be able to use his and the musical material of Joan Of Arc for the soundtrack of the movie. Right when the first idea for the film oozed out of my subconciousness into my reasoning, the music of Tim and Joan Of Arc went with it. Anyone familiar with the work of Tim and/or Joan Of Arc will hereby know which direction this film will be taking. If you haven't heard of either of the two before, get out of that cardboardbox and brush off the top ramen noodles from your stained undershirt. Tim, a jack of many trades, has himself directed a feature film called "Orchard Vale". Visit the films website to read more and/or watch the trailer. Or skyrocket your internet spaceship device into the musical cosmos of Kinsella by visiting Joan Of Arc's website.

Never forget: Peek and ye shall find eventually, Cracklens

High expectations on a low budget

Friends & Enemies,

alright, I'm taking a time-out from editing to post some more photos of the shoot. I swear my laptop at home is so slow, I can hear it counting the zeros and ones. So, that's a bit of a bummer because now I have to edit at work which means between trying to find the exact moment of Danny pushing down on his ballpoint pen, I have to sell skateboards, answer the door or scream at a barking dog. Far more interesting than my ramblings is this:

The sign on the wall next to Dannys "Continuity-Photo" says "Absolutely no disorder. Everything must be put back in place". I hung it up on the very first day and it was completely disregarded ever since.

Maresa Gomoll plays the female lead role. She's a psychologist and gave us free sessions between sets. Unfortunetly, there was no couch nor time to stretch out ...

Danny rehearsing his lines. Literally.

Creative chaos ... and "Oh! Hey, there's the white gaffer tape!"

Kids, I'm out like Rubicks cube. Gotta get back to the rat-race. Have a good wee.


We made a film.

Dear Person,

this website is dedicated to a movie which was shot in five days in mid-december by Christian Roth and Freddy Gomoll. The shoot wouldn't have been possible without the help of our friends. "Thank you" to everyone involved and lending a helping hand and foot. To everyone who answered our holler for a pencil or the gaffer tape and stayed up late and eating the same sandwiches for five days straight.
About six weeks ago Freddy and I had this idea for a movie. It didn't exactly drop from the sky yet it more or less just happened. In this blog I'm not gonna give anything away as far as the content of the movie, well, let's say, no more than what is revealed by watching the trailer which will be online soon. Let me just say this much by the way of a quote that hasn't any relation to the movie really:

"Ships at a distance have every man's wish on board. For some they come in with the tide. For others they sail forever on the horizon never out of sight, never landing until the watcher turns his eyes away in resignation, his dreams mocked to death by time. That's the life of man."
- Zora Neale Hurston ("Their eyes were watching God")

In this Blog I'm gonna give some updates about how everything is coming along. Finally, I will let y'all know when and where the premiere of the film will be. For now, feast your eyes on some photos from the set of a movie that had no budget but a lot of people with heart.

Cracklens & Fred rolling.

2008 will be quite a year for Danny Sommerfeld: not only did he turn a top dog skateboard pro, he also stars in a movie for the first time - skate videos aside.

That's what low-budget-high-expectations filmmaking will do to you. Look at the posture. As the days passed I slowly degraded back into the shape of my neanderthal ancestors nutured on a diet of coffee and cheese sandwiches. Cracklens pushing it along.

This is the raw set. Built by Michael Neuss. It was Freddy's idea to have a "reflecting ceiling". I was kind of worried because I knew, I was going to be the one who has to put tiny screws into a wobbly styrofoam construction. On a shaky ladder. Overhead. That was the first day. Afterwards I thought "Oof, what a tough day...". Four days later putting screws into styrofoam would have felt like a walk in the park - being pushed in a wheelchair.

This is the half-finished first set. About 24 hours later and already dragging hours behind the schedule.

Freddy having fun with utility tools. In fact, the first day was the only day I let anyone else paint the set. Their hands just didn't now how to make paintbrush and paint kiss lightly. Freddy retired to fine tuning the dolly tracks.

That's it for now, folks. Gotta get back into my crouched position behind my super-slow PowerBook. Have nice holidays. Merry Christmas and check back soon. The trailer should be online for at the dawn of 08.

Greetings from the Hessencoast, Cracklens


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