New Festival Dates


"A Note"
ist still going - or shall I say "showing". Check out the Screening page for more information on the new dates.

DOP Freddy is back from the screening in Madrid and promised me a photo-story of the trip spearheaded by an awkwardly folded Origami swan. No news on when he will have framed his digital slides but you will be definetly invited to the slideshow once we have put it online.

We have also received very positive feedback from the people at 20MINMAX Festival in Ingolstadt:Clara Fischer wrote that "A Note" was screened, inbetween two animation shorts, in front of 600 people on the final festival day and got a lot of applause and a lot of people discussed the underlying philosophy of "A Note" - or the possible interpretations thereof". Thank you for the feedback, Clara ...

We're still rollin' - Cracklens


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