"A Note" Screening in Chicago


first we took Lich, now we're taking the United States. Our good friend and Sociometrist Peter Bergman is hosting the Institute Of Sociometry Fair in Chicago this year and will be screening our movie as part of the festival. Since 1996 The "Sociometry Fair" has followed the same quadrennial schedual as the summer Olympics and the Presidential nominating conventions. Sociometry Fair 2008 is fourth in the series. The Sociometry Fair selects a different host city for each fair based partly, in the words of is agent Roman DeSalvo, on the availability of urban decay and vice. IS agents have a chance to get together with old friends, meet pen-pals face-to-face for the first time, and present their previous four years of research on free standing tri-fold displays and dioramas.
The fair will be held at the Co-Prosperity Sphere on june 13th and 14th. If you are wondering, what is the "Institute Of Sociometry" - go and visit www.sociometry.com and become an IS agent yourself. It's easy and fun. It's kinda like if Banksy would get into performance art. With Joan Of Arc and Tim Kinsella hailing from the Windy City this kind a feels like a home away from home premiere and I really wish me and Freddy could be there.
Anyway and by the way: Freddy made it to the final round of tests for the film school thanks to "A Note". We will now have to shoot a 5 minute movie in 72 hours as part of the final test. I'll keep you updated on what we come up with. It will definetly not incorporate a set which needs a new coat of paint every other scene.

Be well, get well, go well, Crackles


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