After the fact


this is how it goes: you are all antsy for the premiere of your movie but once the festivus is over you kind of fall into a hole. Now, two weeks later, I'm slowly climbing out of that whole and mustered up enough enthusiasm to write this blog. The premiere went over really well. We had 160 people attending and the local newspaper critics were raving. Many of you have asked me and Freddy if we have any more screenings lined up for "A Note". Let me tell you, yes, we most likely have. We have sent the movie to about twenty filmfestivals in Europe and I'm pretty sure that at least some of them will show the movie. Once we get any additional information in on where and when I will establish a little screening program list on this website so that everybody can be up to date, right? For now enjoy the three pictures I took ...

Have a good day, Cracklens

Yeah, we put origami swans on every seet in the theatre.

I found it quite suprising that we could actually get 160 people to come to the premiere on a sunny saturday afternoon.


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