Fade To Black ...

Dear Audience,

I don't know if there are people among y'all who check back frequently for new Blogs or Updates on this site but if y'all do, well, I feel like I owe you, so here's the Latest: the final cut has been made and Freddy and I are positive that we will have the movie finished by the end of january. We are now getting ready to send the movie out to every short-film festival in Europe and North America. For some of the bigger ones like SXSW in Austin the deadline for film submissions has already passed, so if you know of any short-film festivals coming up in your city (or state or country) this summer or fall please send us an e-mail with the Website link. I really want to make sure that all our friends, affiliates and Mobernists across the world get a chance to see "A Note" in a movie theatre.

Once the movie is finally assembled, I promise I will tell some tales from the set. Like when I asked Freddy to get some "ground coffee" ...

Bleepers and Bloopers, Cracklens


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