We got sound ...


I just got word back from Tim Kinsella and I'm very happy to announce that we will be able to use his and the musical material of Joan Of Arc for the soundtrack of the movie. Right when the first idea for the film oozed out of my subconciousness into my reasoning, the music of Tim and Joan Of Arc went with it. Anyone familiar with the work of Tim and/or Joan Of Arc will hereby know which direction this film will be taking. If you haven't heard of either of the two before, get out of that cardboardbox and brush off the top ramen noodles from your stained undershirt. Tim, a jack of many trades, has himself directed a feature film called "Orchard Vale". Visit the films website to read more and/or watch the trailer. Or skyrocket your internet spaceship device into the musical cosmos of Kinsella by visiting Joan Of Arc's website.

Never forget: Peek and ye shall find eventually, Cracklens


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