High expectations on a low budget

Friends & Enemies,

alright, I'm taking a time-out from editing to post some more photos of the shoot. I swear my laptop at home is so slow, I can hear it counting the zeros and ones. So, that's a bit of a bummer because now I have to edit at work which means between trying to find the exact moment of Danny pushing down on his ballpoint pen, I have to sell skateboards, answer the door or scream at a barking dog. Far more interesting than my ramblings is this:

The sign on the wall next to Dannys "Continuity-Photo" says "Absolutely no disorder. Everything must be put back in place". I hung it up on the very first day and it was completely disregarded ever since.

Maresa Gomoll plays the female lead role. She's a psychologist and gave us free sessions between sets. Unfortunetly, there was no couch nor time to stretch out ...

Danny rehearsing his lines. Literally.

Creative chaos ... and "Oh! Hey, there's the white gaffer tape!"

Kids, I'm out like Rubicks cube. Gotta get back to the rat-race. Have a good wee.



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